Fabio Toledo started his career at the age of 14 as a young apprentice at SENAI, took a vocation course in a public school, then received a bachelor and later a postgraduate degree and held many positions throughout his career, among them, as an expatriate executive in the EDF Group (Electricité de France), in France and England for over four years. Other prominent positions include Superintendent of Technology and Innovation at Light, Executive Coordinator of the award-winning Smart Grid Program of the Cemig and Light groups and member of the Board of Directors of Axxiom, a technology company from the Cemig and Light groups. He also worked in the managing committee of the National R&D Program of ABRADEE’s Smart Grids Program. He led short and mid-term international missions in dozens of countries, which allowed him to live for many months in South Africa and China.

Multilingual and experienced speaker, he gave dozens of interviews abroad (TV, newspapers, radios, magazines, etc.) Post-graduate professor and author of books about the Smart Grid and Smart Metering, published in Brazil and abroad respectively, he published many articles, gave lectures, debated, participated in assessment panels and chaired many sessions in renowned international congresses. Fábio has a solid background with many post-graduate degrees from renowned institutions, which includes a MBA Update in International Strategic Management (Université de Grenoble-France and LSBF-England).

After surviving an attack, he decided to make two dreams come true: to become an edupreneur and to help people build a successful path in the “School of Life” through education and ethical and wise attitudes. In addition to creating the radio columns, which he has been broadcasting since 2015, Toledo founded i9group in 2014, an innovative startup company that offers the implementation of Technological and Entrepreneurial Intelligence as a subject, the i9learn Social Media, focused on hybrid education, among other smart solutions aimed at education institutions.

Success Requires Attitude

Neural Education

Technical Books Published in Brazil and Abroad

Neural Education

Contemporary world is a technological, dynamic, connected and shared world. The way of educating must be in line with this scenario. The challenge of teaching should go beyond the classroom, college admission and a career path. To follow a path of success nowadays, we must keep up with a continuous reinvention process. Such as neurons, we need to continuously seek knowledge, to be able to apply them wisely, to adapt, as well as to create ethical and smart connections with ourselves, the others, the environment and the technology around us. Flexibility, critical thinking, logical and constructive reasoning, ability to adapt and to combine theory with practice are key factors! We must prepare students for life!

It is not enough to teach them how to create robots! Technology, coding and creating electronic and mechanical prototypes are tools that must be used in the service of the education and personal development of

students, aiming to facilitate the learning process and to improve their school performance, as well as their future professional performance in the labor market. The Maker culture must be spread in educational institutions so that students apply theories learned in classroom by creating mock-ups, experiments and other multidisciplinary technological and interactive projects, always under an entrepreneurial approach. All of this must be carried out in an immersive learning environment that fosters skills, engagement, sense of belonging and the discovery of talents. It is also important to guide and develop the students’ technological, entrepreneurial, financial and social-emotional intelligences, as well as to make them get their hands on, take action, innovate seek knowledge on an ongoing basis, in order to make them able to achieve success in the “School of Life”.

The book addresses the above topics and is the result of years of partnership with renowned educational institutions such as Colégio Teresiano, Rede Anglo-Americano and Rede Franciscanas. It describes what the entrepreneur, educator, broadcaster, EduTuber, lecturer, international executive and technological innovations expert Fabio Toledo developed and observed in practice: the way of educating described above is more likely to arouse interest, improve school performance and facilitate a successful personal and professional path for students.

Get Connected! Be Neural!

Smart Metering Handbook

Internationally, more and more utilities, distributors and suppliers are adopting smart metering systems to manage their millions of customers more effectively. The new requirements of these markets demonstrate even more strongly how strategic a metering system becomes for utilities. If these projects are properly deployed and if certain constraints are overcome, customers and various market players can also enjoy the benefits associated with the systems and related services. Readers will gain an invaluable understanding of the environment of smart metering system platforms from an international perspective. Explanations cover management methods, opportunities, and challenges, as well as the primary components, international developments and innovations, and trends of related systems over time.


Guide international du comptage intelligent

Les incitations au niveau mondial pour la réduction des consommations d’énergie et des émissions de CO2, l’ouverture des marchés de l’énergie, les fortes pressions des régulateurs dans plusieurs domaines de la gestion d’énergie et la demande croissante des clients pour de nouveaux services conduisent de nombreux fournisseurs d’énergie et gestionnaires de réseaux dans le monde à prendre la décision de déployer massivement des systèmes de comptage intelligent pour leurs clients. Un projet de système de comptage intelligent exige de travailler avec des équipes multidisciplinaires (R&D, comptage, finances, énergie, marketing) et bien formées sur le sujet. Ce guide vise à répondre à leurs attentes.


Unraveling Smart Grids: Smart Grid Handbook

The smart grid or smart grid is already an international reality and its massification is only a matter of time. Although there are many challenges associated with its implementation, conditioned by the disruption of paradigms, the greater are the opportunities for benefits to be generated for society and for the various related parts of the electricity sector. Such challenges require multidisciplinary professionals to come together to ensure that the concept is fully and efficiently addressed.


Motivational Books

Success Requires Attitude

What is success? How to achieve it? To reflect upon success and how to achieve it, Fabio Toledo wrote the book Success Requires Attitude. Dedicated to the audience of his namesake weekly radio column, this first volume focuses on the concepts and key behaviors to succeed in both professional and personal life, in a very simple and practical manner. We are all destined to succeed, but we must always take action and watch out for our behaviors, because success requires attitude!


The Agent of the Galaxies, The Mind Hackers and The Seeds of Revolution

An intergalactic war is upon us. An attack threatens peace on Earth! Embrace adventure in this magical and exciting voyage that may awaken the winner within you!


Tiger Body, Phoenix Soul

It is through this fascinating romantic novel, with which many readers will relate, that the author writes, in a simple, natural, practical and inclusive way, about key concepts and behaviors to succeed in both personal and professional life.



In a near future subjugated by young people armed with questionable values, but endowed with supernatural powers, and where only the mightiest and machines will prevail, many paradigms will be broken. The frontier between reality and imagination may be much more subtle than expected! Upgrade time has come! Obsolete or evolved? Choose your side, before it is too late!


Co-authorship in Technical Books


Fabio Toledo has also co-authored BOOKS in the field of Law on Electricity. The right to energy is a process built upon a pragmatic legal knowledge. Over the last few years, Brazil has been building a very wide and infra-legal regulation on the Energy Industry. In these books, Fabio Toledo throws light on the subject of Smart Grids and Energy Theft, as an expert, from the perspective of Law on Electricity.


The Digital Turning Point

The Digital Turning Point: smart cities and smart grids is a multidisciplinary and collective work that uses a pluralistic view on subjects related to the electricity industry. Its guiding principle is reflecting about new smart technologies around us, aiming at ensuring the multidisciplinarity proposed in the title. The book was divided in three sections, each one with a particular scope and approach. The first section focused on technical aspects, covering new systems and architectures that represent the combination of different engineering, communication and computing techniques and tools, posing new challenges to these fields, but also greater power to consumers and interaction with suppliers. The second section is focused on regulatory governance, which should be aligned with the new scenarios and dynamics created by the smart sectors, in order to foster, enable and guide smart initiatives that will help achieve higher levels of efficiency, as well as develop both the economy and social welfare. In the third section, the book seeks to assess the current practices and future options that will allow adjusting technological processes and their effects. Such assessment, on its own, changes the possibilities on the table and allows society to be an agent of transformation for society, the environment, the economy and in the making of new policies. Intelligent networks and systems will generate positive impacts on the environment if technical, regulatory and social choices are as smart as the designed technologies.



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